Sweet mania

25 Jul

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged… Due to great pressure at work and moments of fatigue I haven’t found the spirit to blog these past few months. But now the time has come that I finally regained some energy, started my summer vacation and would love to share some new stuff with you!

I’ve got a new mania and it’s great!!

I totally got the hang of baking and decorating! It’s just so much fun and gives so much energy back.
These past few weeks I’ve already learned so much just from the amazing medium called Internet! So thanks all of you who put out there all there nice recipes and ideas! You’ve all really inspired me a lot. Soon I will make a credits section for you. But now I would like to pass on some of that great knowledge and inspiration myself, so as you can see I’ve added a special ‘cupcakes and goodies section’ and hope you’ll enjoy!

Il Dolce Far Niente…

3 Jan

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I hope you all started it out the way you intended.
Do you have some good intentions or goals for 2012?
Well I started out this year without specific intentions or goals… I actually
realized that I finally managed to get the hang of a feeling I lost a long while ago:
The feeling of the splendid ‘Dolce Far Niente’! Just do nothing and relaxxxxx!!!

These days this can be a goal on its own you know… with al those Mindfulness courses and
tips on clearing your mind and let the day just flow instead of making yourself crazy with ‘things to do’.
I’ve spent many hours these past few days of my holiday just relaxing and giving in to the feeling I had when
I asked myself if I shouldn’t be doing something.
It wasn’t all that easy, because there’s also this inner voice telling me that I should be going outside, meet other
people, see friends, go sale-shopping, walk miles… But my mind just went blank and my body just stayed right were
it was. It reminded me of those adolescent days where I woke up at noon and just hung around in my room doing pretty much
nothing all weekend.

So… It’s not that I plan on staying home all day, doing nothing. But I guess I really needed this period of isolation
for a few reasons and I hope it had brought me new energy for the time coming…

Nice ‘could-be’s’

16 Nov

Every once in a while I think of stuff I’d like to do that would probably turn out a lot more complicated once I’d be in the middle of it.
Here’s a few of them:
-Work on a magazine
-Write books (and making my own illustrations and lay-out)
-Have my own shop with self-made stuff
-Make a great traditional meal from Indonesia (at least once a week)
-Become a home decorator

Well, some of these things require a special education and others might not seem that unreachable…
However, so far I’ve chosen to keep them as ‘nice could be’s’.
As long as they’re just fantasies, they can’t get that complicated at all! ;)

The Sunday Market

2 Oct

Here in Amsterdam we’ve got a great Sunday Market at the Westerpark. This market has such a great ambiance about it and leaves you with a light, inspired and sunny feeling when you turn back home. The Sunday Market at the Westerpark is only every first sunday of the month and it’s worth putting it in your organizer.

Today I went there with a friend of mine. We had a great time. This market is a place where talented and devoted people can sell their self-made products. You find a lot of food stalls with a great variation of delicious treats and dishes (think of cupcakes, pies, puffed potato, smoothies, salads, pizza’s and more) but you also find a lot of beautiful crafty stuff that seems to have great quality. It all breathes originality, personality, creativity and devotion. I love it.

Today I bought two beautiful necklaces. This is one of them and it came with a great packing with the sweetest message (translated: Will you take me with you? I will always stay with you…)

Everyday Bliss

25 Sep

The greater the pleasure we can get out of our everyday lives, the richer we are!

I feel moments of perfect bliss when I:

:) Have good laughs with friends
:) Feel that a beloved one is happy
:) Eat or drink something delicious (like coffee or lemon cake!)
:) Discover a great new song
:) Notice that the people around me are friendly
:) Feel healthy
:) See a rainbow
:) Had a great conversation
:) Notice a like-minded soul
:) Get inspired by something or someone
:) Helped someone a great deal, easily
:) Found the perfect perfume
:) Create!

Many of these things are priceless and free at the same time… (Except the perfume, the coffee and the lemon cake of course)

Don’t ya Yang about my Yin! ;)

20 Sep

Being sucked into a negative roundabout is not cool! It’s actually sucking out most of your energy. When something ticks you off or makes you feel agitated, it isn’t easy to turn back to your ‘happy place’. Especially when you’re in a situation that you can’t just walk away from.

Being a teacher, I deal with this every now and then. These days teachers in Holland learn to focus on positivity and to pay attention to the desired behavior of the child instead of the unwanted behavior. We are being challenged to ignore this unwanted behavior as much as we can and name the desired behavior until it is being copied by every child.
This sounds great of course. I’m all for positivity! But I must say that I find this somewhat unrealistic, because I think there should always be a balance.

I notice myself getting all queasy if I constantly repeat how great so or so is doing, waiting for the others (disturbing, wobbling or wasting time) to copy this behavior, hoping they’ll sustain this time! It’s just not natural. Where does it leave the Yin in the Yin Yang??

I also notice that it has a counterproductive effect on me. It seems to provoke negative outbursts because you’ve pushed yourself too hard, overly forcing those endless compliments out of your mouth, lacking all sense of spontaneity and sincerity. This can’t be the purpose, right? Starting out all positive and complimentary and ending up all exhausted and agitated?

And besides that, can you imagine yourself violating the law, hearing the cop saying to you: ‘Look how properly John Doe is driving that highway!’ or ‘Oh, would you just look how great it is that Johnny Doe is waiting for the green light to show!’
Give me a break and get real! This is not how we should prepare our children for the real world.

I’ve decided to listen to my intuition and search for the right balance in each day. People who are not teaching a classroom full of children each day can pretend they know all about it with their great studies, but actually lack the true experience and reality of it.

Live, Love, Laugh!

17 Sep

There are certain things we must accept and learn to respect. Such as wrinkles… Life just gives you wrinkles.
Going through emotional times, expressing yourself, hard work, deep thoughts, good cries and good laughs. You wouldn’t want to miss it all, right? So you have to take those wrinkles into the bargain.

When you’re somewhere around your thirties they might start to draw your attention in the mirror. Because when you were in your twenties they used to show up after a rough day or night and luckily fade away after a good rest!
But now they just seem to stay there for a while and maybe, who knows, even forever?

So if this scares you a bit, than just keep in mind that they come with the exciting life you lead! Only ‘empty’ lives leave faces expressionless.

And we dó have the choice these days, to go for botox treatments and such things. But if you’re somewhat scared of pain (like me), than you just learn to appreciate those ‘life marks’. ;)


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